Fatea Magazine Stone Chucker Review

Gary PorterGary Porter
Album: Stone Chucker
Label: Cornerblock
Tracks: 10
Website: http://www.garyportermusic.com
Another new name to me, but apparently not to listeners of Radio 2 according to the publicity information. Gary’s music has been described as Vintage, Blue Eyed Soul, Blues, Jazz and Ska so that means that most bases are covered.The band seems to contain every instrument that you would hope to hear on a jazz/blues influenced album including organ, sax, brass and harmonica alongside the usual guitars and percussion. Some parts being played by guest musicians! The album also has one extra important ingredient that makes it stand out for me. A female voice in support of Gary’s excellent blues vocals. The female in question is Lisa Mills from Alabama who is gaining a big reputation in the UK in her own right. Gary and Lisa’s voices go together like fish and chips or wine and cheese.This is Gary’s second album and builds on the success of his first album “Can’t keep still.” It has a real “live” feel to it and will satisfy any lover of the genres named above. The only thing that gives it away as a studio album is the lack of clapping at the end of each track. It does however give an insight into how good this band must be to see live on stage. The mix of organ and sax is superb and one track in particular has a real atmosphere of “Al Capone” time about it. I half expected to hear a machine gun rattle at the end of it.”Monkey” is a track that I would have expected top hear on a “Wiggles” album and when I saw the title I thought, What!!!!! However, it really does work and my foot has developed a solid up and down motion to the track. “The way it is” has the sound of a blast from the past, Georgie Fame. I am sure he would approve of this track.

If you want to listen to just one track that personifies the mix of the band’s music and the voices of Gary and Lisa, listen to “Hand on my heart.” A simply fabulous blues number!

Overall this is a superb album mixing a number of musical styles with brilliant musicianship and really great vocals. And this comment comes from a reviewer who is more aligned to middle of the road type music. I would love to see the band perform live and will keep an eye out for tour dates. The website needs updating for this aspect though.

Rory Stanbridge